KAGURA Junmai RURI (Unfiltered Undiluted Unpasteurized) 720ml Alc.15% MATSUISHUZO

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Beyond just the rice polishing ratio, we strive to achieve excellence in craftsmanship to bring out the true essence of our sake. 
Fermented for an extended period of approximately 35 days at a low temperature, surpassing the average of 25 days for junmai sake, our sake boasts a rich umami flavor and a lustrous aroma. 
Unique to Kyoto, our sake is made with the exclusive 'Iwai' rice, which allows for versatile flavor profiles, while its soft texture easily melds with the mash. Unfiltered and sometimes retaining rice particles in the bottle, our sake offers a refreshing ginjo aroma and abundant umami flavors. 
Indulge in the essence of Kyoto craftsmanship with every sip.

Sake category / Junmai-shu 
Ingredients/rice and rice koji 
Alcohol content / 15°-17° C 
Rice variety/Kyoto ‘Shuku’. 
Rice polishing ratio/65%.
Yeast / Matsui Original 
How to drink / ◎Cold sake ◎Room temperature ◎Hot sake 
Storage / Cooling required.

Processed in:


rice, koji malted rice

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