Joshu Uji Matcha Umeshu 720ml Alc.12% JOYOSHUZO

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This limited-edition plum wine is a blend of long-aged plum wine made by storing for more than three years only the carefully selected, large-grained, indigenous “Jōshu-haku” variety produced in the Aoya plum grove in Joyō City, Kyoto Prefecture, and Uji matcha, a specialty of the Yamashiro region. 
The mellow peach-like aroma and elegant sweetness characteristic of Jyoshu Shiro and the mellow aroma and bittersweet taste of Uji matcha are added to this plum wine, resulting in a harmonious matcha plum wine with a bright matcha color and refreshing taste. 

We hope you will enjoy this blend of Jyoshu white and Uji matcha, a specialty of the Yamashiro region of Kyoto Prefecture.

*Please shake the precipitated matcha well before serving.
*Recommended on the rocks, straight, with soda or hot water.

Ingredients: Ume fruit (from Kyoto), brewing alcohol, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, matcha, glucose, yeast/vitamin C.
Alcohol content: 12° C.

Processed in:


plum, brewed alcohol, high-fructose corn syrup, matcha green tea, glucose, yeast, Vitamin C

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