Amela Rubins (tomato) (Bulk)

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Evaluated by professionals, this "fruit" tomato is full of sweetness. It's grown with the least amount of water which makes this flesh so condensed with high sugar. It contains more vitamin than the normal tomatoes.

First invented and produced in 1994 by Shizuoka technology center of Agriculture, the amela is raised with least water. Despite the size is 1/3 compared to normal tomatoes, the sugar level and nutrition are condensed inside.

Amela was named after the Shizuoka dialect "Ame-la", which literally means "sweet" in Japanese. The balance between sweetness and sourness may differ per the season. But overall, it is one of the sweetest types invented in Japanese farm.

Amela Rubins as well as Rubins Gold have slightly thick peel that makes it taste crunchy when you bite it.

Sugar Level (farm's shipping standard):
1. throughout the year: over 10.

Although it is produced throughout the whole year, the sugar level is at maximum level from February to June.

Shizuoka, Nagano or other prefs.


1. Place of origin may change due to the weather condition and timing of the season.
2. Product image for illustration purposes only.

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