Renata Aderay Warp Mask - 1 Seconds Dissolving Mask

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1 seconds aesthetic!

The mask's nutrients will dissolve and penetrate into the skin as fast as 1 seconds. No waiting time of 10-15 minutes like normal masks. A stress-free next-generation mask.

Hyaluronic acid and NMN serum are processed into threads. Hyaluronic acid has a very high water retention capacity (the ability to store water 600 times the mass of hyaluronic acid itself), and the nano-sized hyaluronic acid penetrates into the stratum corneum to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. NMN increases cell metabolism and produces moisturizing ingredients. Accelerates the discharge of melanin and leads to bright skin. The moment the mask adheres to the skin, the sheet and moisture combine and instantly dissolve. The beauty essence spreads evenly over the entire face without waste, even the eyelids can be cared for. Since it is a dry type, the beauty ingredients do not deteriorate, so it is possible to use no preservatives at all.

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Preserve method:
Store in refrigerator and consume within 4 days from item reception.

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