【100% hyaluronic acid x NMN Firmly moisturised】Aderay Warp Mask - 1 Seconds Dissolving Mask Renata

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1-second esthetics!

The moment the mask adheres to the skin, the sheet and moisture combine and instantly dissolve. The serum spreads evenly over the entire face and even the eyelids can be cared for without wastage. The dry type means that there is no deterioration of the beauty ingredients and no preservatives are used.
There is no waiting time of 10-15 minutes as with regular masks. Stress-free next-generation mask.

Point 1.
World's first hyaluronic acid reduced to the nano-level

This is the world's first sheet-type beauty essence made from 200 layers of hyaluronic acid gel in the form of nanofibre sheets, which are threads 1/400th the thickness of a hair.
The moment it adheres to the skin, the sheet and moisture combine, and the new material, which instantly dissolves, soaks into the horny layer and retains water and moisture.

Point 2
100% hyaluronic acid - no ingredients other than beauty ingredients

We are committed to 100% hyaluronic acid and do not use any unnecessary ingredients, so you can experience pure, high-quality hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, we are particular about making it in Japan.
Hyaluronic acid has a very high water-holding capacity and can store up to 600 times more water than the mass of hyaluronic acid itself. The nano-hyaluronic acid soaks into the horny layer and retains water and moisture.

Point 3
Contains NMN (beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide), which is attracting attention for its ability to prevent ageing.

NMN, which is rapidly absorbed from the skin, activates the sirtuin gene, which has anti-ageing properties, and promotes skin rejuvenation.
At the same time, it boosts cell metabolism, produces moisturising ingredients, enhances skin hydration, accelerates melanin elimination and leads to brighter skin.


▼usage rules

STEP1. Wet your face.
After washing your face, wet your entire face with water or lukewarm water and lotion. (It is convenient to use a spray).

STEP2. Apply mask
Apply the mask.
Peel off the pink cover and place the mask on your face, aligning it with the position of your eyes and mouth, and stick it snugly to your skin.

STEP3. Remove the mask
Remove the mask.
When the mask becomes transparent, remove the mask (the beauty ingredients will penetrate the stratum corneum).

▼Recommendations for use.
*If white residue remains on the mesh or face, add water over the mesh and over the face. (It is convenient to use a spray).
Point 1: After you have finished applying the sheet to your face, add plenty of water to make it more moisturising.
Point 2: After applying the sheet, take a relaxing soak in the bathtub: relaxing effect + metabolic effect = beautiful skin.
Point 3: Due to the NMN formula, please use once a week.

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3g(1 sheet)

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