Nagano's Delights - Nature's Best Flavors to You

Nagano Prefecture, the heart of Japan's Alps, is a landscape of breathtaking beauty and a haven for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Famous for its ski resorts, historic temples, and the famed Snow Monkeys, Nagano blends outdoor excitement with cultural depth. Its cool climate and rich soil produce some of Japan's finest fruits, including juicy apples and exquisite grapes. Nagano's serene hot springs, nestled amid mountains and forests, offer tranquil retreats from the hustle of everyday life. This prefecture is a testament to Japan's harmonious balance between nature and tradition.

Why is Nagano's produce so delicious?

Nagano's exceptional produce stems from its alpine climate and fertile soil, with cool summers and cold winters ideal for fruits and vegetables. The significant day-to-night temperature variation enhances the sweetness and flavor of its crops, making Nagano's agricultural offerings distinctly delicious.

Nagano Prefecture's rich agricultural products


Nagano Prefecture is a famous apple-growing region, boasting the second largest volume of shipments in Japan. JA Nagano is known as one of the best apple-growing areas in the country, with its "gently sloping, well-drained terrain" and "temperature differences between day and night" that are ideal for growing apples. Due to the difference in elevation (350m to 1,500m), the apple season lasts from August to February without interruption.
JA Nagano grows a variety of apples, and the three original Nagano apple varieties, "Akibae," "Shinano Gold," and "Shinano Sweet," are very popular.


Various varieties of grapes are shipped, including "Kyoho," Japan's largest grape producer, as well as "Nagano Purple" and "Shine Muscat," popular varieties that are seedless and can be eaten with the skin.
It is said that JA Nagano produces some of the most delicious grapes in Japan because of the climate suitable for grape cultivation and the advanced cultivation techniques that have taken root in the region since its long history as a prosperous grape growing area.
In addition, the strict quality checks at the public selection center and the "shipping teamwork" of the entire region also contribute to the delicious taste of JA Nagano's grapes.

Japanese pear

Japanese pears are divided into two types: "red pears" with brownish rind and "blue pears" with light yellow-green rind. Kosui," "Hosui," and "Nansui," all popular in recent years, are red pears, while "Nijusseiki" is a representative variety of green pear. Both are characterized by their crunchy texture and high juice content.
Western pears, such as the "La France" pear, have a unique appearance with a thin top and a swollen bottom. The flesh is soft, highly aromatic, and refreshingly sweet.


Mushrooms have been cultivated in Nagano Prefecture for a long time, and the long history of mushroom cultivation has been filled with the techniques and passion of the producers to produce delicious mushrooms.
Nagano Prefecture is Japan's largest producer of enokitake mushrooms, beech mushrooms, and nameko mushrooms.
Today, clean cultivation systems ensure a stable supply throughout the year.

Nagano Prefecture's rich agricultural products