Semi Dried Fuyu Persimmon UREKKO CHAN SHOWA ZOEN

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There are many fully dried products of sweet persimmon, but they do not have much sweetness and flavor. Semi-dried Fuyu persimmon “Ripe-kochan” overcame this problem by using persimmons grown in Gifu, the birthplace of the Fuyu persimmon, the king of sweet persimmons, and drying them at low temperature for a long time to produce the original sweetness and flavor of the Fuyu persimmon. 
No additives are added, and the nutritional value of the persimmon is preserved, allowing you to enjoy the refined sweetness of the persimmon. 
Persimmons are rich in vitamins A and C and are said to relieve fatigue, prevent aging, improve immunity, and beautify the skin. The unique texture of moist and chewy persimmon is very popular.

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dried persimmon

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