Nagano Shine Muscat 500g

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Why Shine Muscat is so good

  • Seed: No
  • Peel Edible: Yes
  • Season / Availability: September - November
  • Characteristics: Produced only in Nagano, Big Flesh

 Why so good

  • The Crispiness, Sweetness, and Refreshing Juice are the reasons why you'll never get bored.
  • No need to peel off: Perfect for your children.

How to enjoy fully

  • Consume within 3 - 7 days from when you received the item.
  • Wash with water only before consumption.
  • Store in organic space or chilled space of your refrigerator.
  • Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes before consumption.


Shine Muscats: Our Starting Point.

Our founder, Kenji Iwato, started the wholesale business in Singapore with a case of shine muscats from Nagano. This bloomed and later led to our firm business of Kyushu's sweet potato export to retails in Singapore.


Founder, brought up in the great nature of Nagano prefecture, proudly offer the finest shine muscats with the best deals, as a token of our gratitude to our dearest Singaporean customers.

Processed in:


  • 500g x 1 PC


Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, keep in refrigerator.

Images shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary.
We may replace item from other prefecture in the event of bad weather condition or out-of-stock situation.

Guide to Japanese Shine Muscat and Grapes

In Japan, more than 60 grape varieties are cultivated, showcasing a diverse range of types.

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