Pietro Just Mix Pasta Sauce Japanese Style Peperoncino Pietro

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Just Mix Pasta Sauce Japanese Style Peperoncino is here! 
This Japanese-style sauce combines the savory flavors of garlic and soy sauce with the umami richness of kombu tea. It features the same "umakuchi soy sauce" used in Pietro's Wafu Soy Sauce Dressing, specially crafted by a renowned brewery in Kyushu. Homemade garlic oil and garlic chips add depth and aroma to the sauce. 
White dashi, kombu tea, sesame, and a topping of nori (seaweed) bring authentic Japanese umami to every bite. 
Simply toss with cooked pasta for a quick and delicious meal!

Processed in:


[Seasoning] vegetable oils and fats, soy sauce, fried garlic, shiro dashi stock, sesame, kelp tea, flavor seasoning (bonito), salt, sugar, seasoning (amino acids), alcohol, thickener (xanthan gum), acidifier, sweetener (licorice), [Topping] laver

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