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  • The "Beni Banka" peach is a late-maturing variety cultivated in Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture. It reaches maturity in early to Early-Mid September.
  • The fruit has a flattened round shape, with a size of around 400g, though some fruits can exceed 500g.
  • The skin coloration is significant, giving it an attractive appearance without major surface blemishes.
  • The flesh of the peach is white, with minimal red coloring internally and moderate red coloring around the pit. The texture is somewhat coarse when firm but softens upon ripening. The pit is clingstone in nature.
  • The peach has a sugar content (Brix) of around 9-15%, and the acidity of the juice has a pH of about 4.5.


Suzaka City (須坂市):
Susaka City is blessed with a climate and soil conducive to fruit cultivation. Along the Chikuma River flowing on the western side, peach orchards extend, cultivating various types of peaches.

Mr. Shuichiro Hatari, a leading figure in Suzaka City known for cultivating "Benibanaka" peaches, is a rising star and expert among young producers. Together with fellow producers in their 30s and 40s in the district of Suzaka City, he is dedicated to fruit cultivation, particularly peaches. The production of "Benibanaka" peaches has been in full swing for the past five years, and currently, they are cultivating these peaches on approximately 4 acres of land.

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  • 2kg (3-4 pieces)


Preserve method:
Please store in cool dry area at room temperature.


Guide to Japanese Peach

The peaches we eat today are mainly divided into two types: white peaches with white flesh and yellow peaches with yellow flesh. There are also varieties with unusual shapes and hairless varieties.

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