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We are based in Ota Market, Japan's largest vegetable wholesale-market, We ship per order; Directly airflown to you without being kept at store shelves.

1. No freshness lost.
2. Only 1.6 days from Market to Home.
3. No hand-touch by shoppers.


Selected by the eyes of professional buyers, we bring you the finest among all grades. Domestically, these are sold to eminent restaurants and high-class department stores in Tokyo.

Every piece of vegetable is different.

Take lettuce for example;
Big in size doesn’t always mean it’s the best.

We select the not-too-heavy but not-too-light ones.
Lettuce grows its leaf piece by piece. But if it grows too many leaves, they become hard in texture. If too few, they lose crunchy texture.

With long-experience in the business, we proudly select the finest grade, in their best condition.


3. Thanks to Ota Market, we can offer the widest variety of vegetables.

Our collection has also been provided to Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Over 3000 items:
We select the seasonal products at their best.

Customer's Voice

Customer R.B san
Male 50s

I bought the Miryoku Edamame. We really loved it and definitely gonna try again.

Customer F.L san
Female 40s

Best tomato ever tried. I didn't know tomato was this sweet.

Customer A.L san
Female 50s
The only place I could get niche Japanese veggies. Gotta love the wasabi and ginkgo from Aichi.

Delivery Policy

We ship per order:
1. Order by SAT Morning
> Delivery on TUE Evening - WED
2. Order by TUE Morning
> Delivery on FRI Evening - SAT

Despite some waiting times,
the fresh vegetable is worth your waiting time!

Our Mission

We partner with many agricultural organizations such as Nagano pref., Kochi pref., in order to shed the light on the Japanese vegetables that are yet to be exported to Singapore.

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