ETHICAL FOOD Plant based Minced Meat 800g

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Ethical minced meat is 100% vegetable minced meat made mainly from konnyaku and soybeans. It does not need to be rehydrated and can be used as a substitute for minced meat in a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes, such as meat sauce, meat and potatoes, and giao pao. Furthermore, it is high in protein, high in dietary fiber, low in fat, and low in carbohydrate, making it a good choice not only for dieters, but also for those who train and are concerned about their daily diets.

Processed in:


konjac (soy flour, okara soy powder, konjac flour, salt, calcium hydroxide), granular soy protein, gluten-free soy sauce (soy), oligosaccharide, spice, roast onion powder, tomato ketchup (tomato, fructose corn syrup, brewed vinegar, salt, onion, spice)

Preserve method:

It has no odor and can be used as-is for cooking without the need to rehydrate or otherwise troublesome cooking. It can be stored for one year from the date of manufacture, making it ideal for stockpiling.

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