Sweet Potato Omakase Box

2.0kg Box with 4 types of Japanese Premium Sweet Potato (500g ea)

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Highest Grade Sweet Potato

Selecting the highest-grade sweet potato that usually go to high-class restaurants, we promise the finest quality in Singapore.

Offering Best Deal for the Quality

Because we are the No.1 supplier of sweet potato to Singapore, we can realize the best deal for our premium quality.

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Convenient: No More Heavy Shopping

No need to go to supermarket and carry the heavy shopping bag. Based on your desired frequency, we deliver the freshest sweet potato to your doorstep.

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Sweet Potato Box 2kg (subscription 15%OFF)

Sale price$46.00


  • "Omakase Box": We'll deliver total 2kg of Japanese premium sweet potato, selecting 2-4 types.
  • We'll select from the following types:
  1. Beni-Azuma (紅あずま)
  2. Silk Sweet (シルクスイート)
  3. Beni-Haruka (紅はるか)
  4. Naruto Kintoki (鳴門金時)
  5. Komitsu Kintoki (こみつ金時)
  6. Anno-imo, (安納芋) 
  7. Gorojima Kintoki (五郎島金時).
  • We'll deliver on Friday to guarantee fresh batch. Please select your convenient week at the checkout. 
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  • You may select subscription at your requested delivery frequency in order to enjoy the best deal. (15%OFF from next delivery)
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  • Depending on availability, there may be several of the same variety. Please understand.

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Selecting the ones healthy and in good condition, the sweet potato should last for 2-3 weeks from the delivery.

We ship only to Singapore.

Delivery Fee is FREE for this product.

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