Shine Muscat and Red Grapes in Japan

  • In 2020, the grape harvest amounted to 163,400 tons in Japan. The major producing prefectures were Yamanashi (21%), Nagano (20%), Yamagata (9%), and Okayama (9%).
  • In Japan, more than 60 grape varieties are cultivated, showcasing a diverse range of types.

Japanese Grapes Ranking by Production Space (Per Hectare)


Japanese Grapes you can buy in Singapore 


Kyoho Taste Meter


  • Seed: No
  • Peel Edible: No
  • Season / Availability: August - November
  • Characteristics: King of Japanese Grapes, Strong Sweetness

Nagano Purple Meter


  • Seed: No
  • Peel Edible: Yes
  • Season / Availability: September - November
  • Characteristics: Produced only in Nagano, Big Flesh

Pione Meter


  • Seed: No
  • Peel Edible: No
  • Season / Availability: September - November
  • Characteristics: Big Flesh, Crispy Peels

Queen Rouge


  • Seed: No
  • Peel Edible: Yes
  • Season / Availability: October *depends on each year
  • Characteristics: New-Comer from Nagano since 2019
Shine Muscat Meter


  • Seed: No
  • Peel Edible: Yes
  • Season / Availability: August - January
  • Characteristics: The Master Piece, Perfectly Balanced

How to enjoy Japanese Grapes

Consume within 3 - 7 days from when you received the item.

Wash with water only before consumption.

Store in organic space or chilled space of your refrigerator.

Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes before consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions about Japanese Shine Muscat

Question: When is the season for Japanese grapes in Japan?

Answer: The season starts from End-August to End-November.

Our Comment: House shine muscat are actually available from June but they are too fragile and not sweet enough for our export / import standards.

Question: Where is it originated from?

Answer: Shine Muscat is a grape variety that originated from research conducted by the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science, and it gained official recognition in Japan as a registered variety in 2006.

Question: How should we store shine muscat?

Answer: Store in organic space or chilled space of your refrigerator.

Question: Why Is Shine Muscat expensive?

Answer: Because it has one of the highest reputation in the market, the price doesn't drop. It is perfectly balanaced with sweetness, sourness, and refreshness.You'll see the reason once you try it!