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about best pot

Heat Retention Cooking with Clay Pot

Thanks to the favorable environment created by the Best Pot, where it traps the savory flavors of the ingredients and allows heat to circulate evenly, even just the ingredients themselves can transform into a delicious dish."

Rice that takes center stage.

Make your daily rice the star of your dining table. With the Best Pot, you can realize such delightful rice dishes. Experience the burst of sweetness and umami the moment it enters your mouth, offering the ultimate rice experience.

how it works: point 1

Because there are no gaps, it doesn't let either the 'heat' or the 'umami' escape.

With advanced polishing technology that leaves no gaps, it prevents the escape of heat, retaining the umami of the ingredients without destroying the nutrients, making waterless cooking possible.

Advanced cutting technology with a precision of one-thousandth of a millimeter between the pot and the lid.

With high-precision technology that guarantees a margin of error of one-thousandth of a millimeter, a standard also involved in the manufacturing of aerospace industry components, the junction between the pot and the lid is carved to eliminate any gaps, ensuring the flavor of the ingredients is retained, making waterless cooking possible.

Iron cast lid. A lid that doesn't let the flavor of the ingredients escape, thanks to its weight.

Thanks to the weight of the iron cast lid, it enhances airtightness, circulating the steam rich in the flavor of the ingredients without losing heat, allowing for heat retention and waterless cooking. Moreover, the undulations arranged in a Fibonacci sequence on the underside of the lid efficiently return moisture containing flavorful components back to the pot.

how it works: Point 2

A new shape that realizes heat retention cooking.

Heat on high for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat. The pot is designed with a shape that retains heat easily, allowing for heat retention cooking as it continues to heat the ingredients even after the heat is turned off.

The main body adopts a Banko-yaki clay pot from Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.

The main body utilizes a clay pot made from pottery. Unlike iron pots, pottery has a lower thermal conductivity and is a material with high heat retention performance.

Enabling heat retention cooking with Hagama Heater and Triple Heat Effect.

It is designed to retain heat through three actions: the heatable bottom of the pot, the shape of the Hagama, and the heat accumulated in the air layer.

About the manufacturer: Nakamura Manufacturing

The challenging attitude of Nakamura Manufacturing is the roots of Molatura

The origin of Molatura lies in Nakamura Manufacturing, located in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, which handles cutting processing, including the high-precision processing of aerospace components to a precision of 1/1000 mm.

The philosophy of the previous generation was to create society through cutting technology. To achieve this, the approach was to "cut anything except air."

From this challenging attitude, not confined to just cutting technology, the Moratura brand started as a separate business. It has notably given birth to the heat retention cooking clay pot "Best Pot." Nakamura Manufacturing wants to support society through cutting technology.

To do this, they "cut anything except air." Nakamura Manufacturing always cherishes this philosophy and will continue to promote Japanese manufacturing to the world.

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MOLATURA best pot 25cm 3.4L BLACK

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