Toyo Cheese Factory Age Cheese Gift Box (03,04 12pcs each)

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[03]Gouda cheese is made from raw milk from the Tokachi region and aged for more than three months. Its mild aroma makes it popular among all generations.
It melts well when heated and is delicious in gratins and hamburgers. It goes well with coffee, tea and white wine.

[04]Raw milk from the Tokachi region is used and cured for more than three months.
This cheddar cheese has a mildly chewy texture with just the right amount of acidity and nutty flavor. Slice it for sandwiches, dice it for salad toppings, and add it to beer, whiskey, and orange juice. Goes well with beer, whiskey and orange juice.

Processed in:

360g(15g*12pc*2 flavors)

raw milk, salt

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