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Our Competitive Price

Proudly offering the best deal in Singapore.

Nation-wide Supply Network

Since we are Japan-based trading company of Japanese foods, we are blessed with nation-wide supply network, enabling to provide the finest quality & price.

With long history and experience of wholesaling to premium retailers in Singapore, we proudly guarantee the best price of Japanese premium vegetables and fruits.

Shine Muscat in high-class store in Singapore during CNY 2018

Why our price different from other fruit shops?

Owing to our strong supply-chain network, from MARKET to HOME, we do it by ourselves. 
This leads to NO UNNECESSARY MARGINS in between. and we can control the price at each phase of supply-chain.

On the other hand, our local competitors procure products from importers in Singapore or exporters in Japan like us. Since they buy from them, they can only control the price at retail phase.

This is why our price may be competitive.