YOKOHAMA High Collar Sweets Set 4 pc Type B Eclatst

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Cheesecake and gateau chocolat in a can wrapped in a cute package based on the concept of "wrapping Western culture in a cake using traditional Japanese origami techniques". 
Under the supervision of a pâtissier, authentic cakes can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere with the same delicious taste and fluffy, smooth texture. 
The cheesecake is made with carefully selected cream cheese and is moist and smooth. The gateau chocolat has a rich and satisfying adult taste with a hint of Western liquor.

Processed in:

204g(Set 4 pc)

[Gateau Chocolat] chocolate, sugar, butter, hazelnut, egg yolk, egg white, wheat, liquor (brandy), corn starch, salt, emulsifier, flavor [Cheesecake] natural cheese (raw milk, cream, salt), egg, sugar, cream, lemon juice, wheat, stabiliser (locat bean gum)

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