GKD Dorayaki Salty Butter Gyokukado

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Based on Gyokkado's popular dorayaki 'TANAGOKORO', which sells 250,000 units a year, product development began with the idea of creating a dorayaki that would please a wider range of people.
We decided that not only a Japanese taste but also the essence of Western confectionery was needed, and by using butter, which has always been a good match for anko (sweet bean paste), we have created a dorayaki with a new, yet nostalgic taste.
The butter is a good match for anko (sweet bean paste), and it balances out the sweetness of the dorayaki.

Carefully selected ingredients such as "Arashio" made from Suruga Bay deep sea water, 100% pure domestic chicken Sakura egg, 100% Hokkaido Tokachi azuki beans and special flour for dorayaki with low gluten content are used.
The rounded "Arashio" complements the combination of anko (sweet bean paste) and butter and is a perfect match for the sweets, balancing the lightness of the butter with the oil and fat content.

Processed in:


sugar, egg, wheat, azuki red bean, butter, margarine, syrup, honey, mirin sweet sake, sake, processed agar(powdered candy, agar), processed soy sauce, salt, trehalose, polylysine, leavening agent, emulsifier, flavor, seasoning(sodium glutamate, sodium ribonucleotide, succinic acid), sweetener (steviol)

Long-established Japanese confectionery established in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture, in 1890, with a 120-year history.

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