Premium grade Japanese foods directly from Tokyo to Singapore.

Thanks to our great network between domestic vegetable supplier and Singapore, we are able to provide the freshest vegetables in Singapore. Not only that but we also offer a great variety of ready-to-eat foods from Japan's authentic foods usually sold at high-class retailers.


3 reasons why we claim to offer the freshest vegetables.

 1. Airflown Freshness

1.6 days from Market to Home.

Our vegetables come from Ota Market, located in Tokyo, where every type of vegetable are brought to meet the needs of Tokyo's premium retailers and restaurants. Thanks to our partnered supplier in Ota Market, we are able to deliver just in 1.5 days from Market to your home.

 2. Premium Grade

Only the ones provided for high-class retailers and premium restaurants.

Our partnered supplier has long been providing for high-class retailers like "department stores (デパート) ", and renowned restaurants in the heart of Tokyo metropolitan area. We believe premium vegetables are not inexpensive but the taste is beyond your expectation.

3. Wide Collection

Everything you need: from rare mushroom to fresh wasabi.

Our great network with Ota Market in Tokyo is what enables us to offer vast variety of Japanese vegetables. Ota Market is the largest vegetables & fruits market throughout the country. From Okinawa to Hokkaido, any type of produces are brought to Ota Market to feed the Tokyo's population.


1 Ultimate reason why we mainly offer the authentic Japanese food.

- Ninben
- Hakkaisan
- Matsuzaki Senbei
- North Farm Stock

These are just a tip of our suppliers. Because producer with a long history has great amount of experience in producing the safest and tasteful products, we believe these are what can seamlessly satisfy people's appetite regardless of culture or nationality.


Our Story

Tokyo Fresh Direct started with the intention to give consumers access to a wide variety and quality Japanese products at affordable prices. Our products have passed the rigorous test of the local palates and they are supplied to premium supermarkets and restaurants in Japan. 

As foodies ourselves, we also like to seek out the hidden treasure from each prefecture of Japan to try and share with our friends and now, it would be our pleasure to share them with you. Let's embark on this journey together!


Operating Company:

Address Blk 10 Lakepoint Drive #08-62 Singapore 648927
Establishment 2014. August
UEN 201423085Z
Parental Company WE AGRI INC. , located in Japan.

Parental Company:

Company WE AGRI INC.
Address 4F Yajima Bldg., 7-11-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061,Japan
Establishment 2010. April
Capital Stock 95.1 million JPY
Representative CEO Iwato Kenji
Bank Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank and other.
Business 1. Wholesale and retail of agricultural produce & processed agricultural products
2. Consulting service of agriculture
Principal Stockholders Management, Techfirm Holdings.
Our Vision The New "Local production for local consumption" - With the state-of-art technology of information and logistics, we aim to unify the Asian market.
Our Mission Expand Japanese high-quality taste around the world.