Our Loyalty-Point Reward System
We would now like to introduce our own point reward system for our customers. Earn your points and redeem!

1. How to earn Points:

1. You earn 1 point for every 1$ spent.
2. You earn 500 points for signing up to our site.
3. You earn 1000 points for giving your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase. NEW!!

2. How to redeem Points:

1. Convert your points into our Coupon.

Available Coupon

1. $5.00 OFF coupon for 500 points
2. $11.00 OFF coupon for 1000 Points
3. $22.00 OFF coupon for 2000 points

4. Explanation with Image:

5. How to refer your friend and get $10.00 OFF coupon:

6. FAQ

How do I register for this Loyalty Point Program?
Nothing. Once you've made your customer account, you'll automatically earn points. No signing up for participating in the program.

What about for all orders I have made in the past?
I have calculated and given all points according to the amount you've spent in the past! ex: if you've spent $200 in the past, your point balance will be 700pts. (500pts + 200pts)!

Where do I manage the loyalty point?
You can manage all points by checking the floating icon on the top page.