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Our Brand Story

Japan's Authentic Taste delivered to your doorstep.

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Our Passion

It all started with 10 cases of Shine Muscats: Our CEO brought shine muscats to start his wholesale business in Singapore.

After years of struggles, our business grew to contribute the expansion of Japanese sweet potato.

Our export business has expanded from natural produces to ready-to-eat foods that are now supplied to high-class retailers in Singapore. 

Thanks to many strong supports from our customers and suppliers, we are now blessed to serve for consumers here.

Shine Muscat in high-class store in Singapore during CNY 2018

Market Fresh

Our fruits and vegetables are airflown from Ota-Market, the largest wholesale market in Japan for fresh produces. The premium grade and freshness are guranteed through our speed-aircargo that departs on Thursday midnight and arrives at your doorstep next day, Friday.


Who We Are

WeAgri Inc.


Kameda Bldg. 3F, 1-10-12, Higashi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0044 Japan

2010. April

Capital Stock

95.1 million JPY

Representative CEO

Ken Negishi

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


1. ConnectAsia Food
2. ConnectAsia Beauty
3. ConnectAsia Art & Hobby
4. ConnectAsia ESG

Principal Stockholders
Management, Techfirm Holdings.


Our Vision
Cross-border Inbound -越境インバウンド-
We will develop a marketing and distribution platform that combines IT and the latest distribution technology to help people overseas rediscover the appeal of Japan.

Our Mission

"Find More Japan - Accelerating the Rediscovery of Japan -"

Once, Japan was widely known as the "Land of Gold, Zipangu." This originated from the accounts of Marco Polo, a merchant/adventurer from medieval Venice, who described it in his "Travels of Marco Polo" as a country producing immense quantities of gold.

Today, however, in our information society where IT advancements allow us to access global information instantly, there still remain many Japanese food ingredients and products that are like "gold" - incredibly valuable but yet unknown to the world.

WeAgri sees its role as helping the world discover the allure of these products, acting as a modern version of Marco Polo to "accelerate the rediscovery of Japan.