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good flavour of citrus

Shinkinedo Sweet & Sour Orange and Lemon Swiss Roll Cake

Exterior surface is covered with sliced orange. The appearrance is beautiful. Inside the cream, you will see orange and lemon flesh. That texture suits refreshing taste of citrus.

Processed in:


vegetable fats & oils, milk constituent, milk, egg, orange, sugar, reduced sugar syrup, flour, sugar, orange peel, sugar, liquor, lemon peel, lemon juice, common salt, trehalose, flavour, emulsifier, leavening agents, flavour, acidulant, anti-oxidants

Preserve method:
Please consume within 2 days from receiving the item.

This is a frozen product. We will transport with dry ice in Japan. In Singapore, we delivery in cold-chain. Please consume soon after receiving the item.

Shinkinedo Sweet & Sour Orange and Lemon Swiss Roll Cake

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