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Eggplant with a smooth texture and trefoil are used.

Ninben Grilled eggplant miso soup

Freeze-dried miso soup that makes the best use of the flavor of soup stock and is made without using chemical seasonings. By separating the ingredient block and the seasoning block, the ingredients do not soak into the flavor and the original flavor of the ingredients is further enhanced. Eggplant and trefoil with a smooth texture are used for the ingredient block. The seasoning block uses white miso with a mellow taste that makes the best use of the flavor of soybeans, and the taste is adjusted with the flavor of fragrant dried bonito powder and kelp. In order to maintain the deliciousness, we are filling with inert gas.

Processed in:


Dried miso block (rice miso, dried bonito powder, etc.) (manufactured in Japan), drying ingredient block (eggplant, mitsuba, etc.) / thickening polysaccharide, antioxidant (VE), (some include soybeans)

Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight/ places with high heat and humidity.


Ninben Grilled eggplant miso soup

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