Nagano Premium Shine Muscats (VIP Exclusive)

Size: 3 tufts (400g~600g)
Sale price$110.80


Dear Our Very Important Customers,


Thank you always for your strong support. This is Gaku, staff at


As a token of gratitude, we would like to propose special offer with premium SHINE MUSCATS.


Shine Muscats: our Starting Point.

Our CEO, Kenji Iwato, started the wholesale business in Singapore with a case of shine muscats from Nagano. Then, contributed to the expansion of the sweet potato business. And here we are, blessed to serve for individual customers.

CEO, brought up in the great nature of Nagano prefecture, would like to proudly and thankfully offer the finest shine muscats with the best deals, thanks to the strong support from our partner, Nagano's Shippers' Union.


image of CNY shelve from few years back.


image of shine muscats shipped to Hong Kong in 2018.


If you would like to read story about us, please check our about us page.


Long story short:

Nagano Premium Shine Muscats

  • Option 1: 3 tufts (400g~600g)... $110.80
  • Option 2: 1 Bulk Box (8-12 tufts / total 5kg) ... $370.00


  • In order to offer at above price, the delivery day will be FRIDAY due to flight schedule. (ex: If you order by Friday, you will receive the item next week FRIDAY.)
  • If you add other items like vegetable, the delivery day of shine muscats overrides.
  • Please message our staff members if you have any specific day you request.

Please feel free to message me on whatsapp: +65 80-8083-3150

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