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Collaboration product with 'CoCo Ichibanya.

Daisho CoCo Ichibanya Cheese curry hot pot soup

Collaboration product with 'CoCo Ichibanya.(Curry restaurant). Curry paste with chicken & pork umami finished mildly with Cheddar cheese, Gouda cheese, Cream cheese and Camembert cheese.

Processed in:


soysauce, HFCF, curry powder, sugar, curry roux,common salt, processed cheese (cheddar cheese powder, goda cheese powder, cream cheese powder, camembert cheese powder), rich sauce, creaming powder, soybean oil, chickecn broth (extract), pork extract, yeast powder, milk cream, dextrin, starch, powdered skim milk, processed starch, xanthan, seasoning (amino acids), caramel pigment, emulsifier, acidulant, flavoring

Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight/ places with high heat and humidity.


Daisho CoCo Ichibanya Cheese curry hot pot soup

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