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Uses Belgian chocolate

Chojudo-Keika Premium Shinsaibashi Balm

A premium Baumkuchen made by a pastry chef. Combinig domestic wheat with Belgian chocolate and vanilla beans makes the best harmony! Packaged one by one so easy for you to take with!

Processed in:

3 bags

Vanilla: chicken egg (domestic), wheat flour, sugar, margarine, vegetable oil & fat, corn starch, fructose, whipcream, rum, salt, vanillar beans sauce, thickener, flavor, antioxidant, emulsifier (includes wheat, egg, milk constituent, soy), Belgium Chocolate: chicken egg, sugar, wheat flour, margarine, starch, fructose, milk protein food (milk protein, reduced syrup, vegetable oil & fat, others), cocoa powder, sugarprocessed oil & fat, salt, cocoamas, cocoabutter, emulsifier, flavor, thickener, pigment, glycine, pH adjustor, stabilizer, antioxidant, preservatives (includes wheat, egg, milk constituent, soy)

Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight/ places with high heat and humidity.


Chojudo-Keika Premium Shinsaibashi Balm

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