Fresh Nanko Ume (Premium Wakayama Matured Plum)

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Thanks to many orders for green plum, unfortunately it has ended the season for this year. But we are now offering Nankobai Ume, the most recognized plum from Wakayama. Although this is not prematured, it can also be a great ingredient for Umeshu making.

If you would like to try homemade Umeshu, this is it. If you've tried homemade umeshu before, you will notice that the taste is absolutely different from the processed umeshu can that you see in the retail stores. It is full of umeshu flavor.

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What is the difference between umeshu made of Green Plum and Matured Plum?
Green Plum:  refreshing taste, rich in acid and flavor.
Matured Plum:  mellow in flavor, less acid. But because of less acid, sweeter in taste.

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Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight / places with high heat and humidity. Once opened, please keep it in refrigerator.


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