Hakuto Peach Gift Box

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Every piece is sensor-inspected and qualified for certain level of sweetness and matureness.

1. To prevent direct sunlight or rain, every piece of House peach is covered with paper wrap under the roof. This will make less scars or uneven pattern of color on the surface. This is why House fruit is enjoyed as a gift for your friends and family. On the other hand, non-house peach is exposed to the sunlight which makes it more durable and and tend to contain more sweetness.

2. The best amount of temperature, humidity, and watering allow products to grow the best quality in taste. Also, generally every tree / plant puts outs too many buds. These buds will absorb too much nutrition, ruining the growth of fruits. In "house" raise, farmers get rid of such buds piece by piece to let fruits grow sweet and delicious. Despite scars are easily made on non-house peach, the sugar level tend to be higher than house peach. Also, the amount of effort made to grow house peach is much more. Therefore, non-house peach can be provided at lower price.

Processed in:

1kg (4-6pieces)


Preserve method:
Please consume within 3-4 days from receiving the item.


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