Yoneya Mochi Dorayaki with anko (red bean paste)

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A classic Japanese confection that is well-loved by both adults and children. You probably know this Dorayaki pancake from a famous Japanese anime character. They are sweet-filled pancakes usually with sweet red bean pastes; however, there are many dorayaki flavours too, like dorayaki green tea, custard and chocolate cream are also popular.

This Dorayaki is made the traditional way with sliced chestnut and 100% Hokkaido sweet red bean paste (anko) sandwiched between two soft pancakes. Dorayaki is great on its own but also goes well with a glass of milk, coffee, green tea, or better yet, amazake.


Yamamotoyama Roasted Green Tea (Sen-cha teabag)
Sennen-Koujiya Amasake

 Processed in:


1 piece (89g)

sugar, wheat flour, egg, red beans, syrup, mochi flour, mirin, trehalose, leavening agent, emulsifier

Preserve method:
Leave in room temperature before consumption.


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