Tuna Kama (meat aroud gill) (for Grilling)

Size: 1 piece
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Tuna Kama is the part of tuna meat next to fatty tuna. It is juicy and reasonable for the taste! If you grill it until you see burn, the taste is amazing just like barbeque meat! It goes well with minced daikon (Japanese radish).

This type is called Southern bluefin tuna, also known in Japan as “Indo-Maguro (tuna)”, for its caught mainly in Indian Ocean. Indeed, this one is also from Indian Ocean.

Addition to above, “Kama” is the RARE cheek part of Tuna just next to “O-Toro”. And yes! just like O-Toro, it’s got tasty fatty.

This is tuna kama is often enjoyed in Japanese privileged restaurants as grilled.

Our favorite recipe below:

  1. Put good amount of salt on. And let it stay for 30-60 minutes.
  2. Water will come out. Wipe it. But after wiping, Wash it again with running (cold) water.
  3. Wipe off water with a kitchen paper.
  4. Put good amount of salt again. And grill it
  5. Finally when you start seeing some burns, stop the grill and enjoy.
Processed in:
Indian Ocean (processed in Shizuoka)

1 piece (300g~400g)


Preserve method:

It will be delivered in a fillet where the head and bones are removed and sliced in 2 pieces per fish.

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