Ninben Tofu and Green Onion Miso Soup

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Is Miso Soup Healthy?
Miso soup is consumed greatly in Japan due to its umami flavour and its known health benefits (linoleic acid, lecithin, dietary fibre, etc).

Is Freeze-Dried Miso Soup Healthy?
Our freeze-dried miso soup contains plenty of real ingredients without chemicals and preservatives added. The ingredient (Domestic tofu, Fried Silken Tofu and Green Onions) and seasoning block (White miso, Soybean, Bonito Powder and Kelp) are separated to retain and reproduce the same flavourful aroma just like those you have in Japanese restaurants.
With the Ninben Tofu and Green Onion Miso Soup pack, you get the same health benefit with excellent flavour and taste simply by adding hot water to it.

Processed in:


Dried miso block (rice miso, dried bonito powder, etc.) (domestic production), drying ingredient block (tofu, fried tofu, starch, starch decomposition product, dried onion) / stabilizer (processed starch), coagulant, thickening polysaccharide , Antioxidant (VE), (including some soybeans)

Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight/ places with high heat and humidity.


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