Maruta Sugiyo Ginger & Nametake in Soy Sauce

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A two-pack product in a convenient, ready-to-eat size that meets the needs for convenience and quick meals. Ginger marinated in a sauce based on Tamari soy sauce brewed in-house is combined with enoki mushrooms (enoki mushroom seasoning). The spiciness of the chopped ginger and the flavor of enokitake mushrooms combine to create a rich flavor. It is a perfect accompaniment to rice, either on top of white rice or as an ingredient in fried rice. It can also be used with vegetables, as a topping for deep-fried tofu, or mixed in with rice and made into rice balls.

Processed in:


ginger, pickled raw materials (seasoned enoki (enoki mushroom, soy sauce), high-fructose corn syrup, amino acid solution, soy sauce, salt, reduced starch syrup), sorbitol, seasoning(monosodium L-glutamate, glycine, disodium succinate (crystal), disodium 5’-inosinate, disodium 5’-guanylate, dl-alanine, sodium L-aspartate, disodium 5’-ribonucleotides), ph adjuster, alcohol, thickening polysaccharide, acidifier, coloring (caramel), preservative (sorbic acid K), sweetener (steviol)

Preserve method:
Store in refrigerator.


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