Miraculous Tiramisu Mulberry Leaf Matcha Del Tiramisu

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Our tiramisu was crafted by our chocolate-loving owner-patissier, who wondered, "Why isn't there a chocolate-flavored tiramisu?" 
He developed this unique dessert by blending premium mascarpone cheese with the finest cacao and Gunma's local specialty, mulberry leaf powder. 
The non-pesticide, specially cultivated mulberry leaves used are highly praised by tea masters in Kyoto for their superior aroma and richness, rivaling high-grade matcha. 
This tiramisu delivers a deep, luscious cocoa cream, the rich aroma of coffee, and a refreshingly light aftertaste. 
Now available for nationwide delivery, savor this innovative and wholesome creation.

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Expiration date
After defrost 3 days

dairy cream, vegetable fats and oils, mascarpone cheese, egg, sugar beet, mulberry leaf powder, liquor, wheat, cultured butter, pH adjuster, emulsifier, sodium metaphosphate, stabiliser (thickening polysaccharide), flavor

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