Drip Coffee "Mame No Kimochi" Gift Box (8pcs) Grandia Housen

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This is a set of assorted drip coffee from Fukui Prefecture, the happiest prefecture in Japan.
Produced by the young master and coffee sommelier of Grandia Hosen, a 5-star ryokan in Japan.
Un like staying at a 5-star ryokan, the "Mame no Kimochi" is a set of 8 bags that is ideal for sending to your loved ones.

Please enjoy the taste of drip coffee from four carefully selected stores in Japan.
Coffee drip packs are an item that originated in Japan.
This is a luxurious product that allows you to enjoy 8 different kinds of coffee in one package.
The belt is designed to resemble a coffee belt.

Processed in:


[Original] coffee beans (Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala),
[Oshima Blend] coffee beans (Indonesia, Brazil, Guatemala),
[Bean Prestige No.1] coffee beans (Brazil, Costa Rica)
[Sleeping Beauty] coffee beans (Ethiopia, Colombia)
[Original Blend #6] coffee beans (Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia)
[Original Blend #3] coffee beans (Ethiopia, Brazil),
[Brazil premium chocola] coffee beans (Brazil)
[Colombia caffeineless] coffee beans (Colombia)

Preserve method:
Store in refrigerator and consume within 4 days from item reception.


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