Drip Coffee "Mame No Kimochi" Best Holidays (4pcs) Grandia Housen

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This is a set of assorted drip coffee from Fukui Prefecture, the happiest prefecture in Japan. Produced by the young master and coffee sommelier of Grandia Hosen, a 5-star ryokan in Japan. 
It is the "'Mame-no-Kimochi' Best Holiday Set with 4 bags" that will soothe your mind and body, as if you stayed at a 5-star ryokan. Please enjoy the taste of drip coffee from four carefully selected stores in Japan.
Each store boasts its own aroma.
Please enjoy an elegant relaxing time, taking a hearty sigh of relief with the luxurious aroma of coffee. A decaffeinated coffee bag is also included.
Coffee drip packs are an item that originated in Japan.
This is a luxurious product that allows you to enjoy four different kinds of coffee in one package.

Processed in:


[Oshima Blend] coffee beans (Indonesia, Brazil, Guatemala),
[Sleeping Beauty] coffee beans (Ethiopia, Colombia)
[Original Blend #3] coffee beans (Ethiopia, Brazil),
[Brazil Premium Chocola] coffee beans (Brazil),

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