Kinkan Tamatama Excellent (Kumquat)

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  • Kinkan Tamatama is Miyazaki's brand komquat, known as the best in Japan.
  • Kinkan Tamatama "Excellent" is the highest grade available.
  • Those qualified for brix over 18, diameter over 3.3cm are regarded as "Excellent".
  • Just wash and bite it freshly! You'll love the taste, balanced perfect between sweetness and sourness.

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Despite its small size, it is full of nutrition: it contains Vitamin C and Hesperidin.

  • Hesperidin is a type of polyphenols that helps your Vitamin-C intake.
  • In Japan, Komquat is widely used as a candy (Kinkan Ame) for it helps cure your sore throat.


Recently, Japan's former Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo, has posted he had received Excellent from his former colleague and ex-Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Eto Taku.

Abe Shinzo showing his present, kinkan tamatama excellent

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