Kadoguchi Hokko Masamune Kinmonnishiki Dai Ginjo (gift box)

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This is one for a special day. It's rich in aroma and elegant sweetness by very long fermentation at low temperature. 100% Rice [Kinmonnishiki] Kinmonnishiki is called 'Phantom Rice' exclusively made in Kitashimadaira village in Nagano (A few villages in Nagano make this brand now). Kinmonnishiki is made with organic fertilizer and even 50% less agricultural chemical than the standard set by Nagano prefecture (It received the Minister of Agricultural Prize) It is made of Kinmonnishiki, the "phantom rice". This rice makes it full of umami flavour hidden under the soft texture that goes down really smoothly.

Processed in:

720ml 15%

rice, malted rice

Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight/ places with high heat

Sake mete value: -1
Acidity: 1.4

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