OMAKASE Organic Vegetable Box

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Experience the ultimate Japanese organic vegetable adventure with our carefully curated omakase box! We hand-pick a wide assortment of 10 voluminous products, including spinach, mizuna, komatsuna, and etc, to ensure you get a diverse and exciting snacking experience. Discover a new taste that can only be found in our omakasebox!

Processed in:


10 packs randomly picked from below

  1.  Organic Tomato
     Organic Pumpkin
     Organic Maru Okra
     Organic Mini Hakusai (Small Chinese Cabbage)
     Organic Shungiku (Edible Chrysanthemum)
     Organic Cilantro
     Organic Sweet Potato
     Organic Taro
     Organic Brown Mushroom
     Organic Kikurage Black
     Organic Kikurage White
     Organic Red Paprika
     Organic Yellow Paprika
     Organic Zucchini
     Organic Lotus
     Organic Beni Kururi Daikon
     Organic Bok Choy
     Organic Cherry Tomato
     Organic Green Pepper
     Organic Lettuce
     Organic Sunny Lettuce
     Organic Baby leaf
     Organic Spinach
     Organic Japanese mustard spinach (Komatsuna)
     Organic Potherb mustard (Mizuna)
     Organic Kale
     Organic Oba
     Organic Parsley
     Organic Potato
     Organic Yam
     Organic Onion
     Organic Carrot
     Organic Burdock
     Organic Shiitake Mushroom
     Organic White Mushroom
     Organic Green Beans
     Organic Mulukhiya
     Organic Cabbage 
     Organic Garlic


The items may change per season without notice.

The 1st subscription will be processed immediately after purchase.
After the second subscription, the renewal date will be the 15th of each month.

In case you'd like to cancel the 2nd delivery, please do cancel before the 15th of the following month.


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