Imakane-Dansyaku (Potato)

Size: 500g
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  • Made in Imakane City, southern Hokkaido, the production area is limited due to hills.
  • Farmers committed themselves to bring the most valuable potato; Imakane now is one of the highest grade of potatoes in Japan, containing much starch.
  • May Queen (hard) for curry rice, Imakane Dansyaku for potato salad.
  • Temperature gap between the day and nutritious soil brought by Shiribeshi-Toshibetsu River are the great environment to grow the best potato.
  • The production volume of Imakane Dansyaku is only 0.3% of all Dansyaku potato produced in Hokkaido.

Recommended Recipe:

  1. Jaga Butter (bake potato with butter)
  2. Potato Sautee
  3. Pot au feu
  4. Fried Potato
  5. Stew

Processed in:

2L (10kg) / 1kg


Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight / places with high heat and humidity.

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