HaradaSeika Spicy Garlic Miso

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This miso is characterized by the exquisite flavor of sweet miso with coarsely chopped garlic. One bite will give you a tangy, spicy taste. It is perfect not only for making snack dishes, but also for seasoning rice and noodles. Its spiciness, like that of gochujang, also makes it a good match for ethnic dishes. Together with garlic, which stimulates the appetite, you can enjoy dishes with an authentic flavor that does not look like a shortcut meal. We hope you will try our delicious garlic miso to create a special dining experience.

Processed in:


barley miso, caster sugar, shredded garlic, syrup, rice fermentation seasoning, gochujang seasoning, ginger, sesame, sesame oil, red chili pepper, alcohol, sodium glutamate, blended seasoning, vitamin B1

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