Hakata-Hana-Dorayaki "PARTY" (4pcs) Hakata Hana-An

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An unprecedented wagashi, a cross between Japanese and Western confectionery, which can be enjoyed by "watching and eating".

"Anka" is an edible flower made of sweet bean paste, developed by a florist with 20 years of experience who wanted to offer flowers in a different form.
Each petal is delicately crafted to realistically mimic real flowers, wrapped in original dough, and all are hand-finished by artisans.
Moreover, no preservatives or synthetic coloring agents are used; natural pigments from vegetables and other sources are utilized to make them not only gentle on the body but also safe and secure.

Processed in:

200g (50g × 4flavor)

Expiration date
After Defrost 3 days

[Plain / Chocolate / Pistachio / Almond Caramel]
wheat flour, egg, kidney bean, azuki red bean, sugar, honey, chocolate, milk, natural cheese, syrup, almond, pistachio, green tea, sweetened sake, raw milk, emulsifier, coloring (beets, sweet potato, pumpkin, butterfly pea)

Recommended way to eat:
To enjoy "Anka," first admire its appearance. Start by tasting the white bean paste part of the flower with the first bite, proceed to the black bean paste hidden beneath with the second bite, and finally, enjoy both the white and black bean paste together with the third bite.
"Anka," with its beauty that delights both the eyes and the palate, is recommended for celebrations and as gifts. Please try it at least once.

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