Aszacfoods Premium Yuba soup

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All you need to do is to add boiling water for a good bowl of soup containing premium Hi-ei yuba, Japanese yuzu and mitsuba. No added chemical seasoning.

Yuba is a by-product of soy milk production. It is the thin film/skin that forms on the surface as soy milk heats up. Some may refer to it as 'tofu skin'.
The raw yuba (sashimi) has a very soft and smooth texture with a chewy bite.

Processed in:

20g(5g x 4)

Yuba, fermented seasonings, fish extract, sugar, mitsuba, common salt, starch, dextrin, yeast extract, bonito dashi, soy sauce, yuzu juice, dried yuzu peels, wheat gluten enzyme decomposer, vegetable fats & oils, anti-oxidants.

Preserve method:
To preserve the quality of the product, avoid direct sunlight / places with high heat and humidity. Once opened, please keep it in refrigerator.


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