Hakkaisan Amasake Drinking Set

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We've prepared very unique menu of Amazake, produced by Japan's famous brewery, HAKKAISAN.

Despite its name, it is not any kind of sake because of its low alcohol percentage . Indeed, in Japan it is enjoyable for children as well.

What is Amazake?
It's is fermented drink from either rice malt or sake lees. Amazke is also known as Japanese yoghurt for it's said to bring good effect on people's skin.

This collection of amazake is of rice. As the manufacturer locates in Niigata where production of rice is one of the highest across the country, the taste is amazing! One amazake a day may keep the doctor away! Spend your week with daily amazake!

1. Amasake Made from Koji / 115g (x2)
2. Lactic Acid Amasake GABA / 118g (x1)
3. Koji Amasake Light / 118g (x2)
4. Purple Amasake with a refreshing tartness / 115g (x2)

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