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How to register on our site

    1. Fill in your information.
      1. First Name
      2. Last Name
      3. Password
      4. Email address
    2. Please read our Privacy Policy by ctrl+clicking the link in the bottom of the page.
    3. If you agree and proceed, click “Register your information”

*If you’re using your mobile address, please make sure you’re receiving our email .


Forgot your email address or password?

    1. Password
      1. Click “Forgot your password” on your sign-in page.
      2. Fill in your registered email address and click “send”.  A message to reset your password will be sent to your email address.
      3. Click “Reset Password” from the message and proceed.
    2. Email address
      Please contact customer support @


About MyPage

Access your MyPage to view your order history and subscription setting for our newsletter.


Our Security Technology

We respect and protect your privacy. We’ve therefore adopted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, Card Net as our payment process system, and all others such as Firewall to block external access. No worries as your payment detail is encrypted. We cannot view your credit card information.


Cookies setting

We use cookies. It allows convenient customization for you in your repeated visits to our site. We advise you allow cookies at our site for convenient usage. If not, there may be errors during your shopping on our site.


How to shop on our site

 *All price on our site is tax included.

*You need your account registered for our site.

*We only accept payment by credit card.

  1. Select items you’d like to purchase.
  2. Click “Add to Cart”
  3. Click cart. Make sure the product and quantity are correct.
  4. Select the delivery date  you wish.
  5. Fill in the postal code for your requested delivery address.
  6. Click “Select your delivery method” to proceed to your payment.
  7. Fill in your payment information.
  8. Check your orders and total price including tax and delivery fee.
  9. If you agree to proceed, fill in your credit card information.
  10. Click “Pay” to complete the payment.

Your order is completed. Please keep your order number. Confirmation message will be sent to your registered email address.

  • If you cannot find your confirmation message, your order may not have been processed completely. Please check “Order history” on your MyPage. If your order is not there, please re-order from the beginning.
  • Please make sure you’ve registered the email address and you’re checking the correct inbox.
  • If you’re using your mobile address, please make sure you’re receiving our email .


Order confirmation message

We’ll send you your order confirmation message after your order is complete. Your order confirmation message will be sent automatically.

  • Your order number is noted on your confirmation message. When contacting us regarding your order, please let us know your order number for smooth response.


Shipping notice message

    1. We’ll send you shipping notice message. The following is included in the message:
      1. List of purchased items
      2. Shipping date


Payment method

Other than credit card, you may use Shop Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay as your payment method.


Security Code

Security Code is the 3 or 4 digits written on the back side of your credit card.

  • VISA, Mastercard: 3 digits on the back side
  • American Express: 4 digits on the front side.

If you don’t know your security code, contact your credit card company.


Change or Cancel your order

  1. CHANGE: You may not change your order. If you’d like to change the product or the quantity after your order is confirmed, please cancel first and re-order.
  2. CANCEL: Please contact us for your cancellation within one day from your confirmed order. With your order confirmation message we send, contact us including the following items:
    1. Order number
    2. Your name
    3. Your registered email address
    4. State that you’d like to cancel the order.


About Return & Exchange

  1. RETURN: We cannot accept any returns at your preference. When confirming your order, please make sure you’re ordering the right products. 
  2. EXCHANGE: In order to deliver the fresh and safe products, products are selected in the eyes of the seasoned buyers at the market. Since our products are natural, quality may not be settled at the same level. In case internal damage was found or the product was damaged during its delivery or there was a delivery error, contact us @ within 2 days from your delivered date. We’ll exchange your products.


About Refund

Due to the matter with credit card processing system, the refund will be processed after a day from your order. Due to the system, the payment will be processed first but it’ll be refunded later via your credit card company.
Delivery address / fee


Delivery address

Delivery services are only available within mainland Singapore, and are not available for deliveries to Jurong Island and any of the other islands in Singapore.


Delivery fee

Order Value (in SGD) 

Delivery Charge (in SGD)

SGD 100 or more (excluding delivery fees) Delivery charge waived
Between SGD 55 to SGD 99.99 (excluding delivery fees)  SGD 10


Accessing our website

Our site is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer. If our site is not showing properly on your device, please try accessing either via Google Chrome, Safari, or other web browsers.


Please check the condition of the product when delivered. If you deny to receive the product, we may dispose it.