All about Japanese Premium Fruits of Winter


Generally, it takes 10 years to introduce a new type of fruits in Japanese market. 

Despite its long journey, Japanese fruits have evolved in order to respond people's needs;

1. Longer Season

2. Fewer Seeds

3. Easy to Peel

4. Thinner Peel

5. Higher Brix

6. Less Sourness

7. Disorder-Resistant

8. Higher Functionality

Dekopon (Shiranuhi)

Dekopon is the brand name for Shiranuhi which qualifie the strict standards of brix higher than 13%, sour level below 1%; it has perfect balance of sweetness and sourness.

Born from Kiyomi and Ponkan, Dekopon was first found in Nagasaki in 1972 Because of its ugly look, it was not officially approved. Later in Kumamoto, it was registered as Shiranuhi (Dekopon). Despite its look, 

Aomori San Fuji

The most produced apple in Japan, San Fuji was first grown in Fujisaki City, Aomori and its name has widespread in the whole world. With first and longest history of San Fuji, Aomori proudly produces the finest apple of all.

1. The relatively low temperature in Autumn and 2. the temperature gap in a day are what makes Aomori the best place for apples.

Nagano Shine Muscat

Shine Muscat needs no word to describe its perfectness. But people may wonder why Nagano has one of the largest production volume. Here; With Shiga-Kogen highland located in the north, Nagano is blessed with very nutritious soil, created by the strong sunlight in the summer and snow-melted water.

Because of its high demand, shine muscat harvested in the summer is stored in warehouse under state-of-art technology, enabling to ship til February.

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