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The scent of the sea overflows and makes you appetite

Sawada Foods Squid Kelp

When sprinkled on hot rice, "squid kelp" becomes soft and entwined with the rice. Kelp is an alkaline food that is rich in calcium, vitamins, and nutrients necessary for health such as minerals and iodine. Of particular interest is iodine, a component that is expected to cause high blood pressure and aging. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, and contains various ingredients very efficiently. And because there is a lot of dietary fiber that has been attracting attention recently and it is low in calories, kelp is an ideal healthy food.

Processed in:


Seasoned squid, seasoned kelp, sesame, krill, sugar, salt, Aosa, seasoning (amino acid), solvitol

Preserve method:
Keep refrigerated after delivery.


Sawada Foods Squid Kelp

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