Shine Muscat Daifuku (3 pieces)

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Every piece of Daikufu mochi contains fresh Japan Shine Muscat hand-wrapped in chewy mochi skin. The mochi skin is traditionally made with white tebo beans.


Daifuku is eaten as a dessert or a quick snack and it is usually accompanied by a cup of refreshing green tea. Check out our authentic Japanese green tea:

Yamamotoyama Green Tea (Sen-Cha teabag)

Mochi vs Daifuku
The ingredient and recipe for both are very similar. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made from glutinous rice. It is not naturally sweet which is why Daifuku exist. Daifuku is literally filled mochi! A traditional Japanese confection (Wagashi) is typically given as a gift for special occasions as Daifuku means ‘great luck’ (大福) in Japanese. Traditionally, the daifuku recipe uses Anko (red bean) as filling and the modern version now contains fresh fruit. 

Processed in:


shine muscat, sugar, tebo beans, white kidney beans, white ball powder, starch, eggwhite, sorbitol, polyphosphate sodium, gardenia pigments.

Preserve method:
keep frozen

This is a frozen product. We will transport with dry ice in Japan. In Singapore, we delivery in cold-chain. Please consume soon after receiving the item.

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