What is Toto-Noren-no-kai ? (東都のれんの会) - Tokyo Fresh Direct

Have you ever heard of "Toto Norenokai (東都のれんの会)" ?

  • It is basically an association of very long-established merchants ("老舗") in the center of Tokyo.
  • These are 54 merchants with history since Meiji era (that is of course over 100 years).


温故知新 - "visiting old、learn new":

While preserving the tradition, they seek to innovate. They have even overcome the WWII war fire, bonding and bringing wisdom together.


Despite changes of members in the last centuries, the condition and promise is

  • over 3 generations.
  • over 100 years of business.
  • commitment to one industry.
  • continues to thrive.

We are blessed to provide the following merchants' products in our shop:


Our brother site, Ginza-Sweets.com, proudly presents

  • Matsuzaki Senbei.

If you are a big fan of Japanese Shinise (老舗), you might have noticed there is TORAYA (とらや), the most popular Yokan merchant in Japan.

How many can you identify?