How to make steamed eggplant with leek and miso. - Tokyo Fresh Direct

This recipe was directed by Nanako Saito, known for "Guilty-Free Recipe".


1. Eggplant ... 3 pieces
2. Japanese Leek ... 1/2 piece
3. Minced Ginger ... 1 small tbsp.
4. Oil ... 2 small tbsp.
5. Shichimi ... if any
6. Marukome Ryotei No Aji Freeze Dry Miso Powder ... 2 small tbsp.

1. Make some holes on the eggplant using a fork. Wrap each piece with cling wrap.
2. Heat in microwave at 600W for 3 minutes.
3. Remove the cling wrap. and get rid of scums. and Cut into pieces.
4. Slice Japanese leek into very small pieces. Mix it with oil, minced ginger, shichimi, and miso powder.
5. Put eggplant on the plate. Top the leek. If you like, put some shichimi.

This recipe is presented by Marukome, Japan's No.1 Miso company.
The original JP recipe

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