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This recipe is directed by Nanako Saito, known for her "Guilt-Free recipe".


1. Sliced pork belly ... 80g
2. Chinese noodle  ... 2 servings
3. Naganegi (leek) ... 10 cm
4. Chinese chive ... 3 pieces
5. Garlic ... 1 piece
6. Marukome Ryotei No Aji Freeze Dry Miso Powder ... 2 tbsp.
7. Sake ... 3 tbsp.
8. Chili bean paste (Dou ban jiang) ... 1/4~ 1/3 small tbsp.
9. Sesame oil ... 2 small tbsp. 
10. salt and pepper ... some

1. Mince leek and garlic. Cut Chinese chive into 3cm length. Cut sliced pork belly into 3cm length and add some salt and pepper. 
2. Put sesame oil, garlic, and chili bean paste into a pan, and heat until the aroma grows stronger. Then add sliced pork belly and stir-fry. Add leek and Chinese chives and stir-fry quickly. Add some miso powder for topping as you like. 

This recipe is presented by Marukome, Japan's No.1 Miso company in Japan.
The original JP recipe

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